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Our website is your one-stop destination for the most up-to-date and reliable information on the essential oil value chain in Madagascar. With comprehensive information and resources available here, you can make informed decisions about planting, sourcing, producing and packaging of essential oils.



Unique ecosystem and fertile land provide the perfect conditions for the cultivation of a diverse range of plants, which are highly valued for their essential oils.





Collection of plants is often done by small-scale farmers and local communities who use traditional and sustainable methods to harvest the plants at their optimal time.





The plants are carefully distilled or cold-pressed to extract the oils, ensuring that the process is as natural and sustainable as possible.





After processing, the oils are carefully packaged and labeled before being sold to wholesalers and other buyers.




Your Gateway to the World of Essential Oils



The portal provides a wide range of resources to help businesses navigate the complex legal and regulatory landscape of essential oil production in Madagascar.




Supply of Essential Oils from Madagascar

Madagascar is among the richest countries in essential oils, owning more than thirty types of essential oils for sale on the international market. 70 % of the export value is constituted by clove essential oil. Madagascar provides half of the world's need for clove essential oil. Madagascar holds 25% of the Ylang Ylang essential oil market with an annual production of 20 to 25 t /year. The country is also known for its other essential oils such as geranium, niaouli, helichrysum, vetiver. patchouli, saro, ginger.









Essential Oils From Madagascar: Essences Coveted For Their Origin

Malagasy flora holds highly wanted species in the world: the essential oils of Madagascar. They are exported to largest international brands and increasingly generate demands on the global market. Evaluated as endemic at 80% with therapeutic virtues, essential oils from Madagascar are world leading. 95% of the production of these oils are intended to exports. The Ravintsara, Mandravasarotra and Ylang-ylang essential oils are particularly a requisite and an attractive sector for investors.







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