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Certificate of Conformity

The Government of Mongolia approved the resolution No. 291 in 2018, “List of products and services subject to mandatory conformity assurance” the “Procedure for supplying products and services with guaranteed conformity to the Mongolian market and importing them across the state border”  in accordance with the Article 13.4 of the Law on Standardization, Technical Regulation and Accreditation of Conformity Assessment on export and import goods. According to the current regulations, the imported goods must be certified by an independent certification body of the exporting country and tested by an accredited laboratory. This provision shall not apply to goods with a conformity mark accepted by Mongolia in accordance with Agreements with regional and international trade partners. The certification body shall approve the national conformity record governing import matters upon request of the importer. The Quality assurance authority grants the rights of using the certification of conformity to the enterprises and exporters who adapted a quality management and environmental management system for approved time.

Standards Enquiry

Mongolian Agency for Standardization and Metrologу (MASM)

Bayanzurkh District

Peace Avenue-46A

P.O. Box 48

13343 Ulaanbaatar


Tel: +976 11 458349

Fax: +976 11 458032


Veterinary certificate

Veterinary certificate is the document issued by the competent authority of the exporting country, certifying that the exported animal, its raw materials and products meet certain conditions and requirements set forth in international agreements and national legislation.

Government agencies are responsible for issuing health, veterinary and sanitary certificates and verifying test results to ensure that livestock and livestock products are not harmful to human health. Animal health and veterinary sanitary certificate shall be in a single printed form nationwide and shall be numbered with a special bar code.

Laboratories that test raw materials and products of animal origin record the test results in the section for veterinary hygiene certificates. Three copies of the veterinary, veterinary laboratory, veterinary sanitary certificates are written, one copy is kept by the certificate holder and the other copy is given to the customers.

Veterinary Enquiry

General Authority for Veterinary Services (GAVS)

Bayanzurkh district,

Peace avenue 16a,

Government building IXa

210349  Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: (+976) 51-261592


Quarantine certificate

The certificate of plant quarantine is a certification issued by the competent authority of the exporting country certifying that the exported plant, its raw materials and products do not contain foreign plant diseases, pests, rodents and weeds as quarantine inspections include animals, plants, and their raw materials and products; all types of mammals, domestic and wild animals, reptiles, birds, bees, their seeds, embryos and breeding eggs; meat, milk, by-products, fats, eggs, skins, hides, bones, wool, cashmere, hair, intestines, horns, hooves, bird feathers, milk, paws, gills, saliva, bile, glands raw materials and products of animal origin; natural and cultivated upper and lower plants, trees, their seeds, seedlings and parts; cereals, potatoes, vegetables, grass, fodder, coffee beans, light and other plant-derived raw materials used in the food industry, dried plants, collections, tickets, slices of wood and its parts, all kinds of fruits, flour, rice, sand anything of plant origin, such as candy or spices blood and blood serum and plasma; hunting; GMOs of various pathogens, insects, microorganisms and biotechnological organisms; animal carcasses, carcasses, feces and pathological materials; soil, ore, rock; vehicles, containers, packaging, sealants, cushions, mats, railings, cotton "wool", animal equipment, and ropes.

Inspection Enquiry

Mongolian State Professional Inspection Agency


Government building XII

Builders' square-13

15170 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tel: (+976)  51-264786

Fax: (+976) 51-263790



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